Saturday, January 5, 2019

Want to have a more productive New Year?

Visit Passion Planner's Home Page

Get a Passion Planner.  I'm not kidding - this is a great tool for writers because it gives you a place to:

  • Keep track of dates and appointments
  • Keep track of both work and personal tasks - on the same page but in separate sections
  • Transform a vague goal to a workable plan complete with steps and deadlines
  • Reflect on each month and decide how to improve next month
  • Has a blank "Space of Infinite Possibility" for you to jot down notes, create mind maps or lists, or even just doodle every week
  • Has a place for you to write your daily and weekly "Focus" (boy, do writers ever have to work hard at focusing!  At least, I do - because I am highly distractible and easily entertained).
  • Has a space to write "Good Things that Happened" every week, which is awesome if you are have a tendency to focus on the negatives or want to make happy memories.
  • Keep a writing log or notes on the blank (plain and graph paper!) pages in the back.
  • Has a pocket in the back where you can tuck receipts, photos, clippings, whatever
Not only this, but when you buy one, they donate one to a person in need.  So you're not only helping you be happier and more organized, you're making the world a better place.

Try the Passion Planner for free - let me know what you think.

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