Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Konmari'ing the Government?

I started watching "Tidying Up" on Netflix and was instantly enchanted.  Soon I found myself tidying the bedroom and scouring local stores in search of affordable little boxes to better organize my dresser drawers.

My much tidier drawer (You'd really be impressed if you had seen it before)

Then I noticed a strange phenomenon on Facebook.  My female friends are posting about how they Konmaried a closet; photos of beds covered in mountains of clothing are all over Instagram; news articles talk about how donations have increased over last January and consignment stores are overwhelmed, not with customers but with would-be sellers looking to get rid of their stuff.  Online, Marie Kondo's lovely boxes are sold out.  DIY-er's are posting instructions on how to turn cereal boxes into drawer organizers.



Our government's in a mess.  Ordinary citizens are powerless to fix it.  We can write letters, we can march in protest, but we cannot re-open the government.  Our president and Mitch McConnell seem deaf to our pleas.

Why not go tidy a drawer?  Or if you're furloughed, why not try to sell your stuff to make your mortgage payment?

When the Konmari movement hits the federal government, one of two things will happen:

  • We'll look at our President, and decide he no longer sparks joy.
  • The Republicans who want small government will think that it's time to shutter some agencies.

I have a problem with that second scenario.  Our government must do what we as individuals cannot, such as ensuring food safety, inspecting bridges, and controlling the spread of infectious diseases.  Making sure airplanes are inspected and safe to fly.  Oh, yeah, and securing our borders.  I almost forgot about that one.

At this point, I wouldn't mind Konmari'ing a few politicians.  But services that keep us alive?  Not so much.

I can't take this anymore.  I need to go tidy a bookshelf or something.

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