Thursday, February 14, 2013

Progress Report: Day 1 of Lent - Waking Up?

A few thoughts about Lent and asceticism, from Kathleen Norris (Dakota:  A Spiritual Geography.  New York:  Houghton Mifflin, 1993.  Page 23):

Asceticism "is a way of surrendering to reduced circumstances in a manner that enhances the whole person.  It is a radical way of knowing exactly who, what, and where you are, in defiance of those powerful forces in society - alcohol, drugs, television, shopping malls, motels - that aim to make us forget."

It is the function of poetry to remind us of exactly who, what, and where we are; and literary discipline is often related to spiritual disciplines.  I have not written seriously in some years because I do not want to be reminded of who, what, and where I am; I have not wished to look too closely at my life. Genre fiction and games have been a welcome hole in the sand where I could bury head and heart.

One day without games or supernatural thrillers, and already, I feel that I am waking up.

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